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We're a husband & wife team in Northern Indiana offering photography and videography to couples and families.


Husband & Wife


Momma & Dadda


meet trevor & danyell

Hi, we’re the Langs! We’re here to help you commemorate your life’s important milestones with beautiful photos and videos. Whether that’s documenting your family year after year or capturing the amazing story of your wedding, we hope that you’ll allow us at LVP Studios the opportunity to share in these joyful, authentic, and timeless occasions. Our goals is to ensure that you can live in the moments without forgetting them!

We've been collectively creating video and photo media of differing styles for over 5 years. LVP Studios (previously known as Lang Videography) started in 2018 around the time when we, ourselves, got engaged. We began the process of looking into wedding videography options and quickly realized that this was something we were passionate about doing too. We had the beginnings of video equipment already because we had been vlogging our lives on YouTube since 2016.

Hi, we’re the Langs! We’re here to help you commemorate your life’s important milestones with beautiful photos and videos. Whether that’s documenting your family year after year or capturing the amazing story of your wedding, we hope that you’ll allow us at LVP Studios the opportunity to share in these joyful, authentic, and timeless occasions. Our goals is to ensure that you can live in the moments without forgetting them!

Our business started with a few weddings filmed on an awful point and shoot camera. We were only offering videography and were learning by live trial and error--huge thank you to all of those couples that were willing to try something new with us. Fast forward to 2020, we've taken this business full-time, offer photography and videography services primarily to couples and families, and are loving every minute of what we do. We’re currently located in Northwestern Indiana, but would love to travel and capture your story. We make frequent trips all over the midwest, including Kansas which is where Trevor’s family is from.

Recently we have entered the season of becoming parents and were blessed with our first little assistant in September 2021. We're exciting to be able to live a full and joyful life while serving our amazing clients that we love along the way. Keep scrolling to meet our family, learn some fun facts, and get to know us a bit more.

We value photos
of our family

We love taking our yearly photos and watching our little family grow. Working with different photographers, ordering new albums, and being part of the customer experience allows us better serve you by understanding what it means to be served well too.

We welcomed our first child, Greysen,  in early September 2021!


Took the business full-time! We booked almost 20 weddings with more in the coming years!


We moved to small town Indiana and started adding photography services for families.


We met at work in Kansas City and fell in love later that year.


Got engaged and realized wedding videography  is something we had a passion for too!


Worked our first few weddings and got married in September.


The Timeline

how did we get here?

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Started creating a team of photographers who could help us balance the load after starting our family.


We welcomed our second child, Forrest,  in early December 2023!


we met and fell in love

We met at work in Kansas City. Our relationship was very professional for the longest time before Danyell finally came over for a movie night... and the rest is history as they say. We fell in love hard and fast, and because we worked together we were nearly inseparable. Learning to work together during our time at a corporate job taught us a lot about working together as a team with LVP Studios too. That's what makes us so great at what we do!

got interested in videography

We also go engaged this year!! And after Trevor asked the question we were talking with other engaged friends about wedding planning when videography was first mentioned. Suddenly a spark was born, and we realized that this was something we had a passion for. We already had camera gear that we used for our YouTube vlog channel, so Danyell started researching how we could make this into a career. Our first booked wedding was for that engaged friend who brought it up!

Worked first gig & got married

Earlier in 2018 we worked our first ever wedding for a family friend making no more than $100. It was so fun, a major learning experience, and started our passion for capturing others' precious memories. We booked only a few more weddings in the summer, but kept dreaming of this business. Then in September we got married ourselves and truly had the best time surrounded by friends and family.

We moved from Kansas to Indiana

After living in Kansas City for 3 years, we made the decision to move to Indiana in order to be closer to family. This meant leaving Trevor's family in central Kansas, but moving to a town in which we felt like we had more opportunities (while still being close to family). The transition was definitely difficult and there were many weekends where we had to travel back to KC for weddings that we had previously booked. While the decision was scary, we are so glad we took the risk.





Danyell went full-time

During the fall busy season Danyell decided to quit her part-time jobs and take on LVP Studios as her full-time income. Having almost 20 weddings booked in 2020, we were excited but nervous about the decision. Since devoting all of her time to LVP Studios, we've been able to serve our couples and families even better, take on more clients, and have the freedom to live a joyful and authentic life.

our 1st child, meet Greysen

Trevor and I are so excited to announce the birth of our baby boy. Greysen was born in the fall of 2021 right at the peak of busy season. We were induced at the hospital, and while labor and delivery didn’t go as planned, we wound up with a happy healthy baby in the end. This was a wild year for us in business and at home--the adjustments of life with a newborn sent a lot of curveballs, but we are stronger because of it.

Started creating a team

Community over competition has always been a strategy of ours, but after having our son and growing our family we knew we needed to also grow our team of photographers and videographers who could help us balance the load. This year we prioritized working with assistants, hiring second shooters, and even bringing on a few associate shooters. Doing this allowed us to breath a little and also help others learn and grow their own businesses too!

OUR 2nd CHILD, MEET Forrest

Trevor and I are so excited to announce the birth of our second baby boy. Forrest Allen Lang was born on December 8, 2023. We were at the hospital for a routine non-stress test, which I had been doing for a few months because of my gestational diabetes. I knew something was different because I'd been having more and more contracts and as they progressed, the doctor determined we couldn’t leave, and Mr. Forrest was born that evening via planned c-section.

We went to school for entirely different things than what we're doing now. Danyell graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Informatics. While Trevor got his degree in Kansas for Software Programming. Needless to say, we're both very techy people and expected to work our entire lives behind a desk looking at code and databases. 

Most about pages that we see  in this industry share how they've had a camera in their hand since they were a toddler or tell some grand story about their love for creating movies in high school, but that wasn't it for us. We weren't interested in videography or photography professionally until the idea literally fell onto our laps by an engaged friend who wanted a wedding video.

this wasn't something we've always dreamed of doing

in the beginning

After working our corporate jobs for 3 years and dabbling in wedding videography on the weekends, we decided that we just weren't happy with where we were. We totally looked forward to our weekend weddings, but dreaded our 9-5. Also, we were talking about the idea of growing our family and wanted to do so in a location close to relatives, so we figured it was time to move!

We sold our house in a few short months, put in notice at our jobs, and moved from Kansas City to small town Indiana to be with family. We lived in a 500 square foot apartment truly enjoying our day to day lives. We had no solid plans for jobs but knew we wanted to keep working on weddings and expanding our services to offer photography for families as well. 

sold our house, moved across the midwest, no plans for jobs

big changes

Danyell was able to take the business full-time after a little over a year of living in Indiana. Devoting all of her attention to LVP Studios, we've been able to live a full and joyful life while serving our amazing clients that we love along the way.

Recently we have entered the season of becoming parents and were blessed with our first little assistant in September 2021. Sharing the news with our LVP Couples and Families was one of the most exciting things. We love that our clients are like family to us and we truly have a relationship with them where we can share this big news with. We fully expect our little assistant to be tagging along on many shoots, cared for and loved by so many people, and growing this family in the most positive of ways.

and still being able to serve our amazing clients

growing a family

our purpose

in the end it's all about

Helping you commemorate your life's important milestones with beautiful photos and videos.

We value our relationships with clients over everything else. You can always expect beautiful photos and videos, but most importantly, we want to get to know you more and truly become friends for life. Our memories or major life moments (like weddings) are such important things, and we know how necessary it is to have someone standing by your side at those events that you can trust, respect, but ultimately just have an all around positive relationship with.

So many of our LVP Couples become long term LVP Families. We love that we can build positive relationships with the people that we work with in order to foster life long friendships. We consider it a huge honor to be a part of documenting your story, and we know you want someone to care for your friends and family just as much as you do.  You're not just another session on our calendars or wedding to fill our weekends, you're someone that we are so excited to get to know more and hopefully continue to work alongside again in the future for years and years to come.

Meet our little



Our man of the house, second videographer, financial manager, hard core gamer, and Twitch & Youtube content creator


Momma, enneagram 3, the lead photographer and videographer, aspiring family vlogger, and Animal Crossing enthusiast.


The real boss yet reason for every distraction, our motivation, goofiest boy you'll ever meet and also the most cautious little one. 

Things we love

trevor's list

my wife and all that she does for us

KC Royals, Chiefs, and KU Jayhawks

playing video games, streaming on Twitch, and making content for YouTube

my fur-babies--Skye, Grizzle, & Ash

Dr. Pepper and cherry lime-aids



Danyell's list

my Nintendo Switch and games like Animal Crossing & Stardew Valley

going on walks with my family

pizza with black olives, red onions, extra sauce, and a thick crust

Criminal Minds, Dexter, NCIS, and White Collar 

Apple products and new camera gear



Greysen's list

reading books and going to the library!! There is never not a day that a library trip wouldn't make better.

snacks all day long

working out with Momma, aka rolling around on the yoga mat while being in the way the entire time

going on walks to the park in his stroller

going to sleep. We swear this boy is the only little one you'll ever see who will tell you he wants to go to bed.




We have helped numerous couples, families, new mothers, and more capture their story that they can cherish for a lifetime. We ensure you that we capture the memories of your special day with your legacy in mind. Our job is to contain the essence of what is you and bottle it into a video and photo gallery that can last a lifetime. The videos and photos that we create have always been as a means to hold a moment in time--something you can review for years and years to come.

Let's get booking


"I’m obsessed with the pictures Danyell captured! I cannot wait to put them up on our walls. Also, Thank you so much for holding a tennis ball to keep our pups attention. Haha. We look forward to doing more in the future."

kacie Ball, LVP 2019 Family

"We had an incredible experience with LVP Studios! Danyell made us feel so comfortable and truly captured the emotions of the day. I️ had many friends tell me they cried watching the video- proves how well Danyell captured the day and put it in to a beautiful video. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!"

Abby Walters, LVP 2020 Bride

"Danyell is absolutely amazing! Not only did we get a copy of all the pictures, but she also puts countless hours into making a video of each session which is honestly my favorite part! She takes her time to get to know you on a personal level, to me that makes the session go smooth! 

Nichole collins, LVP 2020 Family

"I am so so thankful we decided to have a videographer to capture our big day. I have watched my video over & over and cry every time! Danyell captures everything and more than what you could/would want and pays attention to the little details that matter."

Katherine Dalton, LVP 2020 Bride

"Danyell is amazing! She was so sweet and patient. She was great with my kids and made our session a lot of fun! Our pictures are great, and the video is amazing! It is so awesome to have a video memory of our session! I am already looking forward to our next session with LVP Studios!"

Rebecca Dagenais, LVP 2019 Family

"LVP Studios did such an amazing job capturing our special day! Our highlight video is better than I could ever imagine! Danyell was so easy to work with from day one and worked so hard to make sure our timeline was perfect!"

Danielle Conway, LVP 2020 Bride

"Danyell did a fantastic job capturing our wedding day!! She made us feel extremely comfortable with her! We had a “pandemic wedding” and having it all on tape to show the friends/family that we couldn’t invite to the wedding is something we will always treasure!!"

Monica Alexander, LVP 2020 Bride

"Danyell was awesome and very patient with my crazy rambunctious girls! We had a great time taking our fall pictures with lots of laughs! I can’t stop watching our video!"

Emily Campbell, LVP 2020 Family

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